Claire Coulson CERCOPAN TrusteeClaire Coulson, Chairman

Claire holds a BSc in Ecology and an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Management. She worked in Nigeria for CERCOPAN as Deputy Director from 2007 to 2009 and as Director from 2009 to 2012. Prior to joining CERCOPAN, Claire was the Wildlife Co-ordinator for the World Society for the Protection of Animals managing animal welfare and conservation projects in Africa, Asia and South America. She has also worked with wild primates in the Amazon and Madagascan rainforests and with captive primates in the Banham and San Diego Zoos. Claire now lives on a remote rainforest property in Far North Queensland with husband and fellow trustee Graham Brown and is pursuing a career as a writer.

Robert Warren CERCOPAN Secretary

Robert Warren, Secretary

Robert spent 10 years in Nigeria as a child, and recently completed a further 10 years in country, working in the former capital, Lagos. With a love of nature as a hobby, he travelled all over Nigeria as Chair of the Lagos branch of the Nigerian Field Society, before deciding to spend most of his free time in Cross River State, with CERCOPAN in particular. Apart from providing voluntary logistical support to in-country operations from Lagos, Robert also conducted a major survey of the butterflies of Rhoko during his vacations, confirming the presence there of more than 550 species. From his new base working as a geologist in Moscow he continues to contribute by providing fundraising and administrative support.

Amy Baxter CERCOPAN Trustee Amy Baxter, Trustee and Adoption Coordinator

Amy holds a BSc in Ecology, Conservation and Animal Behaviour, and an MSc in Conservation. She began at CERCOPAN as our Red Capped Mangabey and Putty Nosed Guenon Research Coordinator in March 2009, but after six months moved to Calabar in the role of Office and Finance Manager. Having assumed many additional responsibilities, by 2010 her role was formally upgraded to become the Administration and Operations Manager, a position she held until 2012. Before working at CERCOPAN, Amy studied the vocalisations of wild primates in Sri Lanka and the behaviour of captive baboons in the UK. Now she continues to work for conservation in her role of Trustee


Graham Brown CERCOPAN Trustee

Graham Brown, Trustee

Graham volunteered as a veterinary with CERCOPAN from August 2010 t January 2012. He holds a BSc (Veterinary) and a BVSc and conducted his thesis on for sedating non-human primates. Graham specializes in wildlife veterinary medicine and has worked in a number of veterinary clinics in Australia dealing with both wild animals and domestic pets and has also worked with the Johannesburg zoo. Graham is currently associate veterinarian in Cairns, whilst providing veterinary advice and support to the team in Nigeria.


Zena Tooze CERCOPAN Founder

Zena Tooze, Founder  

Zena arrived in Nigeria in 1991 and founded CERCOPAN in 1995. With a BSc (Hon) in Zoology, an MSc in Biology and Animal Behaviour and veterinary nursing all listed amongst her qualifications, Zena has been passionate about wildlife and animals all her life.  Discovered the joy of travelling first in Asia and then in Africa after returning to university as a ‘mature student’. Like many people, Africa beckoned again, which brought her to Nigeria as a CUSO volunteer. Very soon after arriving in Nigeria, the plight of primates grabbed her interest, and the more she got to know about them the more committed she became. After studying many different types of wildlife, from hummingbirds to wolves, primates are the ones which really won her over! That and Nigeria – its people, its rainforests. Zena is now based in Norfolk, UK.