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CERCOPAN Environmental education programmeIn 2012, CERCOPAN set out to completely re-design the primate conservation education programme. Thanks to a grant from the Captain Planet Foundation, our Education Officer Abakum was able to carry out a pilot of the new curriculum to ┬ámeasure its impacts and make final adjustments before full implementation. The results were even better than expected, showing that our programme makes a ┬áconsiderable difference to children’s attitudes towards primates.

A total of 426 students participated in the pilot, filling out pre- and post-education questionnaires. Before the education sessions, 81 students (19%) said they liked to eat monkey meat, and 250 students (59%) stated they would like to have a pet monkey. After the education sessions, these numbers had fallen to 15 (4%) and 42, (10%) respectively.

Analysis of the correct post-education answers to individual questions revealed that students found some concepts difficult to grasp. To ensure universal comprehension, we added additional examples and reworded questions wherever there was any confusion. We hope that this will further maximise the impact of the presented materials.

In 2013, the fine-tuned version of the programme will be rolled out in Cross River State. Our education team, will teach 2,000 school children in Calabar, Iko Esai, Agoi Ibami and Owai the importance of primate and rainforest conservation. We will continue to analyse the impact of our programme through questionnaires and group interviews to ensure that we use the most effective means possible to get the message across.



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