Rhoko Wildlife

Oban-Korup’ lays claim to being the most biodiverse forest in Africa and is also the largest remaining stretch of contiguous forest in West Africa. This makes it the premier destination for nature lovers who live in, or visit, Nigeria, yet few make the journey because they don’t know how. Rhoko camp, as the only eco-tourist destination in this forest within Nigeria’s borders, is here to help you achieve your dreams.

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Putty nosed Guenon



Primates: Putty-nosed guenons can be heard most days from your camp lodge







Reptiles & Amphibians: multiple species of chameleon and….snakes!







Birds: spot 8 species of Hornbill and the Black guineafowl







Butterflies: over 800 species present. Our leaflet will get you started




Golden cat



Mammals: you could be the next on our list of those who have seen the Golden Cat







Nocturnal wildlife: take our guided tour to see the bush-babies (Galagos)




Flora of Rhoko Camp CERCOPAN Nigeria



Plants and trees: 6,000 plant species. Fortunately we can provide the guide books!