Operational centres

CERCOPAN operational centres in Nigeria


Our Administrative headquarters are in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State, Nigeria. A bustling and busy Nigerian city, Calabar is steeped in history, and is a clean and friendly place to live. Here was also have an extensive education outreach and visitor programme, along with our quarantine and major initial rehabilitation programme for orphan primates. Visitors are welcome to visit the centre 7 days per week 9am to 5pm to receive a free education tour and meet the primates we have rescued or that have been surrendered as a direct result  of  our  education  programme. These primates are in varying stages of rehabilitation at CERCOPAN, and serve as ambassadors for the conservation of their species.



Located approximately 90km north of Calabar, Rhoko is the base for CERCOPAN’s forest conservation, research and community-based conservation programmes. At Rhoko Forest, we directly protect rainforest and wildlife in partnership with local communities and have established an international research and education centre.  We aim to provide hands on opportunities for Nigerian secondary and post secondary students and international students to learn about the rainforests in Nigeria. Since 2004, CERCOPAN has provided opportunities for students from within the state (UNICAL and CRUTECH) and beyond to carry out practical field courses two or three times a year. This site also includes holding enclosures in natural habitat for rescued primates in the final stages of the rehabilitation process. Our Rhoko site provides accommodation for eco-tourists, researchers, interns and volunteers, click here to find out how your visit to Rhoko helps CERCOPAN and Iko Esai.