Thirsty tethered Rd Capped Mangabey before rescue by CERCOPAN

As an entirely non-profit making NGO we are utterly reliant upon the generosity and vision of individuals and companies to conduct our essential work in Nigeria. With your help we can continue to rescue orphan primates from deplorable conditions and return them to the wild where they belong. We can provide thousands of adults and children with the environmental education needed to encourage respect for wildlife and habitats and to make the primate pet trade a thing of the past. We can help local people earn a living from forest friendly activities and help to ensure that they are able to develop and meet their basic needs without destroying the rainforests upon which they depend. We can patrol day and night to protect animals such as monkeys, pangolins and forest elephants from the poachers, who unhindered, would leave these forests empty. Our work is vital ….and so is your donation. We can’t do it without you. Make the difference. Give today.





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