Greenvolved LogoShort on time and money but really want to make a difference for the Green cause? A brand new global way to Go Green is emerging and CERCOPAN is in at the front end! With just one online click you can channel big corporations to fund our cause. Greenvolved is a scheme to get companies to support green projects by taking notice of peoples’ passion.

Anyone like you can sign up and choose CERCOPAN on the Greenvolved site, and click to give us a ‘Boost’ and push us up the list. Once at the top the project becomes ‘active’ and the gates open for people to vote for us and gain the passmark for funding. We have a limited timeframe but if enough people stand up for our project in that time, their combined voice reaches powerful corporations looking for green projects to sponsor. All we need are the votes of our supporters.

A great aspect of Greenvolved is that we are not in direct competition with other charities, so supporting our charity does not mean other charities don’t get funding too if they can also get enough support. To help CERCOPAN, find us here and sign up to have your voice heard. CERCOPAN is currently on page 2 of the listings, and with your help to ‘Boost’ us up the list we can easily make page 1! Then we will soon go in to ‘voting’ mode once we are at the top. Watch this space for the next ‘call to action’!

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