CERCOPAN hosts New York researchers

Putty nosed guenon

CERCOPAN recently hosted Professor James Higham and post-doctoral researcher William Allen from New York University, who are compiling a database of the facial patterns of different guenon species as part of a study of guenon facial pattern evolution. With more than 80 guenons in our care, including the only group of Sclater’s guenons and only adult male Preuss’s guenon in captivity in the world, CERCOPAN proved the perfect place for them to start.

It only took William a few days to gather all of the pictures he needed in, as our mischievous monkeys like nothing better than an opportunity to show off! Even Balagete, our precious but slightly ill-mannered Preuss’ guenon who generally prefers to display the opposite end to his adoring public thankfully decided to flaunt his face on this occasion. James and William then headed to Rhoko forest to photographs of the Mona Monkeys and Red-Capped Mangabeys housed at our forest site.

We would like to thank James and William for including our monkeys in this study and look forward to hearing the results of their research. If you are a researcher and would be interested in conducting research at CERCOPAN further information is available here.


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