Cementing our relationship


We would like to say a big thank you to UNICEM Nigeria for their generous donation of 50 bags of cement for our primate rehabilitation and community conservation programmes. As an organisation based in a harsh tropical environment, whose infrastructure includes 2 offices, 2 education centres, a 1.5km nature trail, 30 m high tree platform, and accommodation for volunteers, local staff, tourists and 173 monkeys – we certainly use a lot of cement! Furthermore, we also provide considerable construction assistance to our our three partner communities, setting up alternative livelihoods projects, providing expertise and materials for development projects and undertaking large scale projects such as the community centre we constructed for Iko Esai in 2011.

This is not the first time UNICEM have shown their support for our work, contributing both funds and building materials in the past. The cement from this donation will be used to undertake extensive urgent repairs on our primate enclosures in Calabar and Rhoko, to construct an abattoir in Agoi Ibami, and complete the renovation of Iko Esai’s abattoir. The abattoirs will provide a steady domestic meat supply, reducing pressures on wild animals in the forest while providing a source of protein and income for vulnerable community members.

In-kind donations such as this are extremely important to CERCOPAN and ensure that we are able to stretch our limited funds as far as possible. If you or your organisation are considering making an in-kind donation to CERCOPAN, please contact us on info@cercopan.org



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