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Purchasing beautiful art that captures the spirit of wildlife, and which at the same time raises money for conservation can be a winning proposition for lovers of nature. And CERCOPAN is now in the envious position of being in good favour with supporters who love the works of up-and-coming wildlife artist Chris Wright from the UK, who has chosen to contribute his outstanding talent to making this formula work for our monkeys. Two recent sales of his prints have raised £1,200 for our cause. The donations are being put to immediate use to make urgent repairs to our primate enclosures in Calabar, ravaged by the long wet season that is now coming to a close.

In recent auctions Chris had contributed a print of the gorilla ‘Titus’ that had been the subject of strong bidding. Chris gained the agreement of conservationist Ian Redmond, renowned for his work with gorillas, to sign a further pair of prints in order to add to their value. Two fans of Chris’s art who had lost out in the previous auctions, generously set their own price to gain these pieces, and in agreement with Chris they both chose CERCOPAN as the beneficiary of their donations.

Chris Wright has been involved with CERCOPAN since doing his Masters’ research in Nigeria in 2005 at our Rhoko field site, and he has also served as a trustee. He is a self-taught artist whose talent has been recognised in a series of high-profile commendations and citations in wildlife art competitions, as well as through hugely successful exhibitions across the UK, and in sales to collectors worldwide. We are immensely grateful to Chris, Ian Redmond, and most of all to our two most generous donors Jane Sibley and Jennifer Seale. A selection of Chris’ work can be viewed online at

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