When giving causes harm – never buy primates!

Never buy a primate!Quite a significant number of the orphan monkeys in our care are brought  to us from expatriates living  in the Southwest of Nigeria. The launch of our new website is  the perfect times to reiterate a vital message to aid monkeys in the wild: Please, DO NOT PAY FOR A PRIMATE you see for sale.

No matter how desperate the conditions, walk away. By purchasing primates, or in fact any wildlife, you only encourage further trade in live animals ‐ the price people pay is much higher than the animal would be sold for as meat. You are therefore continuing a threat to wildlife populations with your purchase. In addition, you may also be breaking the Law, in Nigeria for example, it is illegal to kill, sell or BUY a primate under Decree 11 1985. The best thing you can do for primates is to try to drive monkey traders out of business. So as an alternative, remind them that their trade is illegal and contact the appropriate local wildlife sanctuary or organisation.

If you live in Lagos, Nigeria you can contact the Nigerian Conservation Foundation on Lekki Peninsula (TEL:  01  264  2498; 0702‐846‐9598; 0702‐ 850‐7912) and request their  assistance.  The animal will likely still  be there later in the day, or the  next. And if they are not, you can take heart in the knowledge that you have done your best for  primate conservation in Nigeria, or wherever you happen to be. If you are resident in Calabar or elsewhere in Cross River State, and see a  monkey either for sale or held as a pet,  please contact CERCOPAN  on  0806‐360‐3360.

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