Tv Documentary to showcase CERCOPAN’s work

This month, CERCOPAN welcomed Feisal Malik, the Director of Visual Africa Productions in Kenya. Feisal was commissioned by a Nigerian broadcaster to produce a documentary on the country’s biodiversity. He decided to use our organisation as a case study to highlight both the unique natural resources in Nigeria and the ongoing urgent conservation efforts to save them. Titled ‘Going Green in Nigeria’, the 53-minute documentary produced will be aired throughout the African continent.

In Calabar, Feisal and his team interviewed the CERCOPAN staff on the many threats facing primates in Nigeria. Director Nicky then spoke about CERCOPAN’s long-term commitment to save Cross River State’s biodiversity through an integrated approach. The film crew were able to capture some excellent footage of school visits and other daily activities associated with running a primate rehabilitation centre. They also interviewed Dr. Odigha Odigha, Chairman of the Cross River State Forestry Commission, and Board Member,  Arikpo Arikpo. In the Botanical Garden of Calabar, the Forestry Commission members explained the challenges facing biodiversity in Nigeria and Cross River State, and the work of the Nigerian Government to battle these challenges, often in partnership with NGOs such as CERCOPAN.

Feisal and his team went on to visit Rhoko rainforest , where they shadowed CERCOPAN staff to gain an understanding of our different programmes – forest conservation, primate rehabilitation, community- based conservation and research. In Iko Esai, Mike Ekpe gave a lesson in the secondary school, and the conservation club explained their activities to highlight conservation in the larger community. The Surveillance Team, set up and trained by CERCOPAN, demonstrated their work in community-led enforcement of local conservation bylaws. Finally, the Chiefs Council explained how they first became involved with conservation  through the partnership with CERCOPAN, and how it is now a concept embraced by the entire community.

We  look forward to the broadcast of this documentary and applaud Fiesal and his team for highlighting the importance of conservation activities in Nigeria.







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