Tired of waiting for the job market to recover? We need you!

Volunteer weldingAs you can probably imagine, in times of recession, priorities adjust and the environment takes a backseat to more immediate human needs, issues and services. People are less willing to donate, companies less willing to sponsor, trusts and foundations scale down and umbrella organisations tighten their belts. This translates into extremely difficult times for small un-endowed charitable organisations like CERCOPAN, working on conservation and animal welfare projects under already challenging conditions in distant lands. One thing you may not have considered however, is that the recession also makes people less willing to sign up to a period of voluntary work, right when we need them the most.

Volunteer vet nurse feeding baby monkey

Volunteers are vital to CERCOPAN’s growth and development and since our inception have provided a variety of skills and expertise for minimal cost, allowing us to conserve scarce resources for project development. They bring expertise ranging from construction and fundraising to veterinary science, ecology and environmental education whilst simultaneously capacity building local staff, which is vital for our long-term sustainability. I would therefore like to remind those who are currently frustrated by the job market, want to improve their CV or just make a difference by applying their experience, we still need you! We currently have a number of urgent positions open at http://cercopan.org/vacancies-2/ with an online application process. If these roles are not quite right for you, but you feel that you have  appropriate skills and experience to offer and are able to make a 1 year commitment please send your CV and a cover letter to claire.coulson@cercopan.org



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