Thank you International Primatological Society!

ips_logo1.jpgWe have just received the fantastic news that for the sixth year in a row, CERCOPAN has been awarded a Captive Care grant from International Primatological Society (IPS). Between Calabar and Rhoko, CERCOPAN houses 172 primates of six species in various stages of rehabilitation, rescued from the bushmeat trade. CERCOPAN has been running the primate rescue and rehabilitation center in Calabar since 1995, and many of the enclosures are still the original wooden structures. The condition of these wooden enclosures is rapidly deteriorating due to age, weather and termites and this years grant will be used to undertake urgent repairs.

In line with CERCOPAN’s strategy to relocate to a more spacious site, since 2009 we have started to replace wooden enclosures with steel, movable structures. With the help of  various donors, including IPS and John Ball Zoological Society, we are getting closer to our goal of replacing all wooden enclosures with the more durable design. A total of 7 out of 21 enclosures have been replaced to date. We cannot replace all enclosures at once, however, so we must regularly conduct extensive repairs on the 14 remaining wooden enclosures both for animal welfare and safety reasons.  We thank IPS for their continued support for our primate rehabilitation activities and for enabling us to undertake this important work.


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