Research Opportunities

Research opportunities: Radio tracking of released primates CERCOPAN Rhoko

CERCOPAN’s internationally reknowned Rhoko Forest Research and Education Centre offers a wide range of research opportunities to study rainforest habitats and their primates including: Primate Behaviour and Ecology, Nocturnal Primate Ecology, Conservation Biology, Rainforest Ecology, Botany and Ethnobiology.

Rhoko is located 3 hours north of Calabar, Nigeria, in the heart of the Cross River Rainforest (map). We have 400ha of protected core forest, a further 2000ha of research forest, an in-house research coordinator, local research assistants, and an excellent relationship with our host community making this the perfect site for a variety of biological research.

We can help you with project ideas and proposal development to ensure that your project is feasible, arrange research assistants for you at reasonable rates and provide food and accommodation so that you can fully focus on your research. We also provide logistical support and paperwork to apply for visas.

Rates start at £150 pw R & B for 1-3 month trips.  PhD, post-doc and senior researcher rates will be considered on an individual basis depending on the needs and requirements of the researcher. All flights, insurance, vaccinations and immigration costs are the responsibility of the individual.

Contact us TODAY to discuss your research opportunities, spaces fill up fast especially between June and September so it is best to book up well in advance.

Click below to download a flyer to distribute at your university!

Research Flyer, CERCOPAN