Primate Rehabilitation

CERCOPAN Rehabilitation program Red Capped Managbeys

CERCOPAN provides sanctuary for rescued monkeys (victims of the bush-meat trade) of 6 native monkey species (Preuss’s Guenon, Putty nosed Guenon, Mona Monkey, Sclater’s Guenon, Red Capped Mangabey, Red Eared Guenon), with over 170 individuals currently in captive care as part of a successful Primate Rehabilitation Programme. We house the only captive breeding group of Sclater’s guenons, and the largest captive group of Red-capped mangabeys, in the world. We are a member of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) and as such abide by PASA’s code of ethics and behaviour, including strict quarantine protocol.

The keeping of monkeys as pets and the hunting of monkeys are both banned by law in Nigeria, but enforcement agencies have no incentive to uphold these rules without both direct encouragement and an option of sanctuary for confiscated animals. CERCOPAN provides both of these support elements to great effect in Cross River State. As a consequence we are able to work side by side with the State authorities to make confiscations and to drive home the message of compliance with the law. Whilst in our care, these rescued primates serve as ambassadors for their kind, changing the attitudes to conservation of the over 20,000 people a year who visit them at the sanctuary and take part in our Environmental Education programme. Once rehabilitated,  a number of these animals are also anticipated to be candidates for future release into protected community forest as part of our goal to re-establish the full primate community at this site. All of these elements mean that the primates in our care have a very significant positive impact on protection of primates in the wild in Cross River State.

Whilst the Primate Rehabilitation programme is one of the most important aspects of our work, it is also sadly the hardest to fund. If you would like to help, please consider contributing towards our primate enclosure appeal, making a general donation or adopting one of our primate groups.