Preuss’s Guenon

Preuss's Guenon

Preuss’s guenon is a relatively large bodied semi-terrestrial primate adapted to live at high altitudes. There are two subspecies of Preuss’s guenon, C. preussi preussi is found only in south western Cameroon and south east Nigeria, whilst C. p. insularis, is entirely restricted to the island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea. In Nigeria, the population appears to be limited to the Obudu Plateau in Cross River State. In 2001, CERCOPAN conducted a survey on the Obudu plateau, and found very few isolated troops in disappearing habitat. In their prime habitat are often named as the most common monkey by local people, but due to their extremely limited distribution and size they are highly endangered by hunting and habitat loss.

Preuss’s guenons are grey and black with a characteristic white bib under the chin,  adult males have blight blue scrotum. Very little is known about the behaviour and ecology of Preuss’s guenon in the wild. They eat fruits, seeds, leaves and flowers and live in groups with one adult male and several females with infants. They are very quiet in comparison to most other forest species, with a soft “sighing” contact call. The male calls with a single loud resonant boom. There are only a handful known in captivity world-wide and CERCOPAN has only a single adult male, named Balagete.

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