Nigerian Student Bisi Researching Malaria

BisiOne of the ways CERCOPAN helps primates, is by working to increase knowledge about them and their rainforest home through our research programme.  Specifically, we conduct research into primate  behaviour , primate welfare, ecology, human use of forest resources, and bioidversity. Wherever possible, we also try to help build the capacity of future researchers and facilitate existing researchers in their independent research.

As part of this programme, we are currently collaborating with Nigerian PhD student, Olabisi Oduwole (‘Bisi’), who is studying  simian and human malaria. Here at the sanctuary we have been taking blood samples from our primates during routine health checks for Bisi to test for simian malaria. She is also investigating the overlap between the Simian and human stains of malaria in particular areas. To do this, she takes blood samples from forest-users in communities where people spend time in the habitat of wild primates.

Bisi recently visited our Rhoko site to incorporate Iko Esai residents into her study. Whilst there she also took samples from volunteering CERCOPAN staff members. She caught Mosquitoes from the area using a funnelled net with a lactic acid attractant, and an ultra-violet light. When the mosquitos fly close to the trap, they are sucked into the funnel by a small battery powered fan and preserved or later analysis. Bisi has hung her mosquito trap in many locations in Rhoko and Calabar, but our Director Colin, was particularly pleased when she set it up in the CERCOPAN office as Mosquito’s seem to consider him an irresistible snack!

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  1. Bisi says:

    Very interesting! Keep up the good work