New arrival orphan Putty-nosed guenon, Eja

This month, an orphan male putty-nosed guenon, named Eja was surrendered to CERCOPAN. After Eja’s mother was killed for bushmeat, he was taken in and cared for by the brother of one of the hunters. He spent 6 weeks living with the man’s family, including small children. Recognising that little Eja needed specialist care in order to survive, the owner travelled to Calabar to hand him over to CERCOPAN. Austin our vet nurse gave Eja a full heath check including TB tests and faecal analysis and thankfully found him to be in excellent condition.

Living alone for the first few days, little Eja refused to eat anything other than bananas. When we gave him boiled egg, a firm favourite with all of our primates, he was actually afraid and repeatedly rubbed his nose as though he did not like the smell! Once Eja passed his tests and was able to join the other infants outside in quarantine, everything changed very quickly. Eja became firm  friends with putty-nosed guenon Wizkid and soon followed his lead tucking into a range of juicy fruits and vegetables. Eja and Wizkid are around the same age and will be housed together in a family group once they have completed the obligatory quarantine period. We will update you on their progress over the coming months.

If you would like to help CERCOPAN care for putty nosed guenons, please consider adopting Cross’s group today.


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