It never rains, but it pours!

Broken wall Life in Nigeria can be very strange at times. In April we found ourselves lacking water and then having way too much in very quick succession! For a total of 16 days we  had no access to running water at all. Although we have large containers to store water for periods of ‘drought’, these were unable to sustain us for such an extended period. Water is essential for the running of our primate rehabilitation centre, we use it for cleaning enclosures, office and living quarters and providing drinking water for the monkeys, staff and volunteers.  Consequently, once our supplies were exhausted we had no choice but to travel to designated water stations to fill up as many containers as we could each day.

Just before the return of running water, we were surprised to wake up to extreme flooding, which had caused the wall of our sanctuary to collapse. Such was the force of the water, that the concrete had broken in a number of places and a stream was flowing past our main enclosure housing 17 Mangabeys! Thanks to our landlord and the hard work of the staff thankfully we have been able to repair the wall, cement the drive and dig a rainwater gutter to divert water away from the compound. Fingers crossed this is our only flood this wet season!

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