The Hills are Alive, with the Sound of Monkeys

Primate callingVery little is known about how the Guenons and Mangabeys we keep behave in the wild. But more is known about their behaviour in captivity – CERCOPAN are acknowledged experts as we have successfully kept these animals since 1995. To improve our knowledge, we are going to record and analyse the various different calls made by the 6 species in the sanctuary in Calabar. We know that Putty Nose Guenons seem to have calls that identify an individual; and that different calls are made for different things – for example, a snake warning call is different from an eagle warning.

We will explore the calls of all our species – many of them will be recorded for the first time ever. Expert analysis of the calls will help us find out some of the secrets of the monkey world of sound! We also hope that what we find will help us to ensure the welfare of our sanctuary animals.

Sound is certainly very important to our monkeys. In CERCOPAN we hear a unique collection of the different calls even as we sit in the office! Deep booms from the Monas, to tuneful barks from Mangabeys, and chirrups and sneezes from Puttys, Red Ears & Sclaters. It is an exciting project, and we look forward to sharing our findings!

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