Happy Easter!

Mona monkey receiving Easter egg at CERCOPAN

We hope you have all had a Happy Easter, wherever you are! When much of Europe saw a rare white Easter period, in Calabar we enjoyed the perfect combination of rains at night and sunny but cool days. For both staff and monkeys this is the best climate to work and play! Some of our primate care staff worked over the Easter period, as well as our Education officers. It was a busy weekend which saw many visitors, who came to learn about the monkeys, and Abakum and Martina were run off their feet trying to accomPrimate Keeper Mike distributing Easter eggs to the 120 monkeys at CERCOPANmodate everyone.

Of course, we always make an effort to celebrate the holidays with the monkeys too, and what is more appropriate during Easter than… eggs! Our monkeys regularly receive eggs as they are an excellent source of protein and nutrients – and they love them. Babies and sick animals receive eggs every day, but during Easter, all our monkeys received an extra serving. You can imagine how many eggs our primate keeper Mike had to boil for our 120 monkeys… but as always, he did it with a big smile on his face!

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