The Great Escape

Red Capped Mangabey enclosureOn the night of 19th October we had a big storm at our Rhoko Rainforest Research Station, which neatly dropped four trees onto the Red Capped Mangabey enclosure electric fence. Over 70 Red Capped Mangabeys are housed in the state of the art, 1ha open-top enclosure; in preparation for a release back to the wild, but on the morning of the 20th, we were down to zero! Thankfully our chief Mangabey keeper, Akposi and Richard Mundy, our Rhoko Manager, were on hand as soon as it was light and immediately organized all of the staff to help lure the animals back inside. With all of the animals rounded up and the fence repaired, normal service is now resumed. Here’s hoping the next mass release…is a planned one!


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One Response to “The Great Escape”
  1. I remember another mangabey escape many years ago-in Calabar! There were less primates but the challenge of getting them back in was big as there were many ‘small boys’ who scattered in all different directions. It’s a night I will never forget!