RobottaCERCOPAN is issuing a one-time emergency appeal to save the lives of 144 monkeys under its care in Calabar, Nigeria. For 20 years, CERCOPAN has provided safe haven and rehabilitation for monkeys rescued from the bushmeat, illegal wildlife, and pet trades − monkeys like Robotta and Action (left).

Unfortunately, a primary donor for the past several years has been unable to support us for more than 12 months now, and therefore, grants that required matching funds have been withdrawn. Without this income, CERCOPAN has no option but to close its rescue centre ─ placing all of our monkeys at risk.

Experts from an international task force have been on the ground and assessed the situation. The task force has recommended releasing some monkeys to the wild and re-homing others, dependent on such factors as conservation need and a monkey’s health and age. However, this will take time and proper planning. We stand a chance to save all our monkeys if we can just feed and care for them over the coming months while resources are obtained for release and re-homing efforts.

We found Robotta after she had been forced to live at a petrol station for the first year of her life, completely unaware that other monkeys existed and unable to learn basic skills like how to feed herself. Now, she is rehabilitated and living with her own kind in a social group. Robotta and more than 300 other monkeys have been saved and nurtured by CERCOPAN’s dedicated team since the organization’s inception.Bibi

Please, can you help us ensure that Robotta and friends live out the lives they deserve? Donations are crucial to save the lives of these 144 beautiful and threatened monkeys. All funds raised will be used solely for critical primate care during this interim period.

http://www.everyclick.com/cercopan/info (also has GiftAid for U.K. donations)
http://www.humanewildlife.org/cercopan.html (provides receipt for U.S. tax records)

Contact in Europe time zone: Zena Tooze
(zenatooze@icloud.com; zena@cercopan.org; +44-777-610-1492)
Contact in Australia time zone: Claire Coulson
(clairelcoulson@gmail.com; claire.coulson@cercopan.org; +61-469-374338)

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2 Responses to “EMERGENCY APPEAL CERCOPAN’s gates are closing **144 MONKEYS AT RISK**”
  1. Gabrielle Gidney says:

    I have written Monkey World in Dorset begging for their help on your behalf simply because there isn’t anything else I can give or do and I am heartbroken. Please don’t free any of these animals who have never lived there—and if they will fall prey to bushmeat please, please, without pride beg all you can.

    • cercopanorg says:

      Thanks very much for you concern Gabrielle, it is much appreciated. We have no pride at all and are begging and pleading for help from anyone who could possibly give it. We have a protected area of forest with patrols that wehope to support and animals that have been in an enclosure in teh forest preparing for a release for a very long time, I just hope that we can stay open long enough to return them to the wild.