Donate goods or services

Staff member with GPS

CERCOPAN  is very happy to accept donations of goods that we need to operate such as Educational materials (stationery, workbooks, etc), Reading books, children’s toys (for prizes), torches, cameras, kitchen utensils, boots, watches, GPS, computer equipment (USB sticks, external hard drives, etc), padlocks, veterinary supplies, first aid supplies, printer cartridges, Watches, construction materials (wood, cement, tools,chain link fencing,roofing zinc), Uniforms, waterproof coats and trousers, rope etc.

We also highly appreciate services from organisations or individuals for example, printing, computer assistance, flights for volunteers, data entry, PR and communications, advertising, fundraising, photography etc.  Please contact us on to discuss how you can help. We are able, on request, to provide receipts for tax purposes for the value of the goods/services donated.

You could also auction goods on ebay to convert goods to cash and send a donation!