Meet New Ambassador – Hannah Van De Loo

cercopanorg : February 4, 2014 8:58 pm : CERCONEWS

CERCOPAN Ambassador HannahThis month we were delighted to accept a new ambassador to our growing team. Here’s a short introduction from Hannah:

My name’s Hannah Van De Loo and I’m a Primate Keeper at Twycross Zoo in the UK. I have been working with Primates for nearly 3 years and have loved every minute of it. My passion for Primates started visiting zoos when I was younger and grew from there. I began my zoo career as a Trainee keeper at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in the UK. It was great to learn basic knowledge about Primates and gain a better understanding of these amazing mammals. I then decided to do some work experience at a few zoos, including Twycross, to gain more knowledge.

My original Primate Keeper role for Twycross Zoo was to cover for someone on Maternity leave, but after a few months I was lucky enough to get the job permanently. I have now been working for the Zoo for over a year and I absolutely love it! I have been given some great opportunities, including taking charge of enrichment rotas for the section and training various species of primates including guenons. I am also on the committee for the 2nd International Animal Training Conference being held at the Zoo. Of course one of the most exciting opportunities was becoming a Primate Keeper at the world primate centre, it’s a great privilege and I am very grateful.

I am thoroughly looking forward to assisting CERCOPAN with fundraising, helping sell merchandise and maybe even designing some! I would also love to run quiz nights and I am hoping to go out and visit the charity in Nigeria and see the Primates that I am helping. I think that CERCOPAN is doing a great job in conserving threatened primates and I cant wait to help them make a difference.

Thank you 🙂


If you would like to get involved and become an ambassador, please contact us at info@cercopan.org for more information.



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CERCOPAN HQ Receives Important Nigerian Guests

Amy Baxter : February 4, 2014 9:31 am : CERCONEWS

Akwa Ibom officials visit CERCOPANLast week we received some very distinguished guests at our Calabar sanctuary: a party of officials from Akwa Ibom and the cities of Lagos and Abuja. The party were visiting the Cross River State Governor, His Excellency Senator Liyel Imoke, for a weekend-long series of meetings. While the Governor was busy with preparations and his other duties, the party of 50+ people were observing the monkeys in our care and learning all about the biodiversity in Nigeria. Several of them had been hoping to visit ever since seeing one of our many appearances on TV.

Our Education Assistant, Martina, was rushed off her feet as one bus load arrived to be given the tour, swiftly followed by two more! The rest of the staff filed in to help organise groups and spoke individually to those who wandered away from the crowd to ask questions. Although the group were on a tight schedule they observed all of the 6 species we rehabilitate and received a comprehensive talk on why monkeys should be in the forest rather than kept as pets or eaten as bushmeat.

Many of the visitors were particularly taken with our Sclater’s guenons, which are found in Akwa Ibom state and are completely unique to Nigeria. CERCOPAN  has the only group in captivity in the world. The visitors from Akwa Ibom, were surprised to discover that they were the only people on the planet to live alongside this amazing species. As always Balagete, our captive Pruess’s guenon, was also a firm favourite and the visitors were amazed by the human-like characteristics and behaviours displayed by our red-capped mangabeys. We hope all members of the group will go back to their corresponding homes and spread our conservation message.

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Cross River State holds first ‘Green Ball’

cercopanorg : January 11, 2014 2:32 am : CERCONEWS

Colin TV appearence green ballEach year, Calabar is the centre of Christmas in Africa – with a month of daily events including the continent’s largest street carnival. As part of the State’s growing environmental commitment, this year a ‘Green’ Ball was added to the busy line-up. It is hoped that the ball will become an annual, environmental event, to raise awareness about conservation and draw attention to the regions unique biodiversity.

CERCOPAN was delighted to be invited to take part in the event, which was attended by many distinguished guests including His Excellency Senator Liyel Imoke (CRS Governor). In addition to speeches from Environmental organisations and political figures, there were a wide variety of performances from Rwandan Drummers, Nigerian pop stars, and a range of other singing and dancing buy effexor xr without prescription acts.

CERCOPAN Director Colin Pringle had the opportunity to speak on national television about the importance of Nigeria’s rainforest habitats. In addition, our staff manned an informative display in the foyer, where we had a constant stream of visitors. The event proved to be the perfect platform not only to extend our message beyond the State’s borders, but also to directly engage influential residents and excite them about conservation. The ball was a big hit with everyone and it has already been decided that next year’s Christmas celebrations will have an even stronger ‘green influence’. We hope to join the Green Ball Steering Committee to help the government as much as possible to make the next event an even greater success.

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Nigerian Student Bisi Researching Malaria

Amy Baxter : November 29, 2013 10:11 pm : CERCONEWS

BisiOne of the ways CERCOPAN helps primates, is by working to increase knowledge about them and their rainforest home through our research programme.  Specifically, we conduct research into primate  behaviour , primate welfare, ecology, human use of forest resources, and bioidversity. Wherever possible, we also try to help build the capacity of future researchers and facilitate existing researchers in their independent research.

As part of this programme, we are currently collaborating with Nigerian PhD student, Olabisi Oduwole (‘Bisi’), who is studying  simian and human malaria. Here at the sanctuary we have been taking blood samples from our primates during routine health checks for Bisi to test for simian malaria. She is also investigating the overlap between the Simian and human stains of malaria in particular areas. To do this, she takes blood samples from forest-users in communities where people spend time in the habitat of wild primates.

Bisi recently visited our Rhoko site to incorporate Iko Esai residents into her study. Whilst there she also took samples from volunteering CERCOPAN staff members. She caught Mosquitoes from the area using a funnelled net with a lactic acid attractant, and an ultra-violet light. When the mosquitos fly close to the trap, they are sucked into the funnel by a small battery powered fan and preserved or later analysis. Bisi has hung her mosquito trap in many locations in Rhoko and Calabar, but our Director Colin, was particularly pleased when she set it up in the CERCOPAN office as Mosquito’s seem to consider him an irresistible snack!

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Amy Baxter : November 29, 2013 10:00 pm : CERCONEWS

Greenvolved LogoShort on time and money but really want to make a difference for the Green cause? A brand new global way to Go Green is emerging and CERCOPAN is in at the front end! With just one online click you can channel big corporations to fund our cause. Greenvolved is a scheme to get companies to support green projects by taking notice of peoples’ passion.

Anyone like you can sign up and choose CERCOPAN on the Greenvolved site, and click to give us a ‘Boost’ and push us up the list. Once at the top the project becomes ‘active’ and the gates open for people to vote for us and gain the passmark for funding. We have a limited timeframe but if enough people stand up for our project in that time, their combined voice reaches powerful corporations looking for green projects to sponsor. All we need are the votes of our supporters.

A great aspect of Greenvolved is that we are not in direct competition with other charities, so supporting our charity does not mean other charities don’t get funding too if they can also get enough support. To help CERCOPAN, find us here and sign up to have your voice heard. CERCOPAN is currently on page 2 of the listings, and with your help to ‘Boost’ us up the list we can easily make page 1! Then we will soon go in to ‘voting’ mode once we are at the top. Watch this space for the next ‘call to action’!

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CERCOPAN 2012 Annual Report out now!

cercopanorg : July 4, 2013 10:37 pm : CERCONEWS

CERCOPAN has completed its 2012 Annual Report, which is now available for download on our website. The report is intended to provide our  partners and supporters with an update on our activities, achievements and advances over the past year. Key highlights include:

– Establishing an office base in Owai community

– Iko Esai declare a full ban on any new forest clearing for farms

– Draft land use management plans completed for Agoi and Owai

– Surveillance teams established in Owai and Agoi

– Alternative livelihoods programme expanded in Esai and Agoi and undertaken for the first time in Owai

– Free education tours given to 25,026 visitors

– New primate conservation curriculum developed

– 6 orphan primates rescued

As a non-profit charitable organisation reliant on donations, we consider transparency of the utmost importance. We want to make sure that the generous private donors and organisations who have supported our work know exactly how their vital conservation funds are being spent.  Consequently, the Annual report also contains a detailed statement of financial activities in both Naira and pounds.

Download 2012 Annual Report here

View previous annual reports here

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Thank you and good luck Austin

Nicolien Schoneveld : July 4, 2013 8:44 pm : CERCONEWS

Austin Igbebor Vet NurseThis month we said goodbye to a long-term member of CERCOPAN staff, Austin Igbebor. Austin started work at CERCOPAN exactly 15 years ago, in June 1998. After many years as a primate caretaker, and having been trained by numerous visiting vets, his potential and enthusiasm for the medical aspect of our work was undeniable and in 2009,  he was officially promoted to veterinary nurse  Thanks to Austin’s excellent performance in this position, he was further promoted to Senior Staff by the end of that same year and began managing junior staff.

During his 15 years at CERCOPAN, Austin has worked tirelessly for the monkeys’ health and general well being. He was a mentor to the primate caretakers, a great student and assistant for visiting vets, and an ambassador for CERCOPAN at the yearly international PASA workshops. At the leaving party, we presented Austin with a framed collection of pictures showcasing his work and the many staff,visitors and volunteers who he worked alongside over the years. We will would like to take this opportunity to thank Austin on behalf of all all of the people and monkeys he has helped. We will all miss him greatly and wish him the very best in his future career.

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Exciting new range of primate adoption packs available now!

Amy Baxter : July 4, 2013 8:29 pm : CERCONEWS

Adoption toy setTo help us raise vital funds for primate care and rehabilitation at our busy Nigeria sanctuary, CERCOPAN has just launched a new and exclusive range of adoption packages. All profits from the sale of these packs will be used to provide food, housing and medicine at legitimate online pharmacy in usa for the over 170 primates currently in our care.

There are currently three packages available to potential adopters. Our E-adoption at £30 is the ideal choice for those seeking a last minute gift for friends or family given that all of its components can be delivered electronically within 24 hours of purchase! This option comes complete with an exclusive adoption screensaver not available elsewhere.

The next step up is the Gift adoption, which at £50 includes an exclusive handmade soft toy of your chosen species. These  toys were designed especially for CERCOPAN based on photographs of the actual animals in our care.  This pack is prefect for animal loving children and adults alike; a collectable toy to treasure at home, whilst a real monkey far away in Africa is being given a second chance thanks to their gift.

Finally, for those seeking to help primates on behalf of their company or organisation, we offer the  Corporate adoption package. For a £1000 donation we will place your logo on our website with a link to your site and a thank you message. We will also publicise your donation in our international newsletters, annual report and via social media.

All options include an electronically delivered certificate of adoption and biannual update newsletters so that you can follow the progress of your chosen group.  There are multiple species to choose from so visit our adoption page and  select your favourite today!

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Looking to kick-start a career in Primatology?

cercopanorg : June 5, 2013 12:47 am : CERCONEWS

Primatology is a highly specialised field and as such there is considerable competition for the limited number of paid positions and PhD’s available. If you are hoping for an exciting and rewarding career in Primatology and need more experience to realize your dream, we have the ideal position for you!

CERCOPAN is currently seeking a voluntary Primate Co-ordinator based at Rhoko Forest.  The Primate Co-ordinator supervises captive primate care and wild primate research at the site, and manages all local staff associated with these programmes. Specific duties include dietary monitoring, environmental enrichment, collection and analysis of behavioural, phenological and rainfall data, environmental education and teaching on our annual primate and rainforest conservation field course . The Primate Coordinator also produces proposals and reports for all of our Rhoko primate related work.

Our ideal candidate has a masters degree in a relevant subject and is ready and able to commit to at least one year with the organisation. Previous experience in the tropics is desirable, as is research experience. For a one year commitment we are able to provide food, lodgings and in-country visa provisions. Flights, insurance and initial visa are the responsibility of  the volunteer. A stipend will be provided for those signing up for a 2 year position.

For more information about this role and to apply visit http://cercopan.org/vacancies-2/primate-coordinator/

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Thank you ASP!

Nicolien Schoneveld : June 5, 2013 12:37 am : CERCONEWS

We have just received the excellent news that the American Society of Primatologists (ASP) has awarded CERCOPAN a grant for our Conservation Education Programme. Education is a critical element of our work to conserve Nigeria’s primates and their habitat. The programme is carried out by Abakum and Martina in the State Capital Calabar, and Mike Ekpe is responsible for the implementation of the programme in our partner communities Iko Esai, Agoi Ibami, and Owai.

Martina teaching at the CERCOPAN Education centre

Since 2012, we have included a newly designed evaluation component into the education programme to show its effectiveness. A pilot implementation of the programme and the evaluation component took place in the last months of 2012, reaching 426 students (aged 9-22 years) in Cross River State. Following our conservation education programme, both knowledge and attitudes towards primates and rainforests had improved significantly. Indeed, the average improvement in number of correctly answered questions was +30.7%. Importantly, the number of students that would like to eat monkey meat and have a pet monkey had reduced drastically.

As environmental education is not part of the State Curriculum, CERCOPAN’s efforts are vital to introduce students to the important topics of primate and rainforest conservation, and give them practical ways to positively contribute. Between July and December 2013, we will expose about 1,000 school children to the new education programme, in part sponsored by ASP. Evaluation of the programme´s impact using questionnaires and focus group discussions will provide a quantitative measure of the impact of the programme, which will be published in a future edition of CERCONEWS.

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