Braylee and Obugu match is not Fine

As many of you may have read on our blog and our facebook page, over the last few months we have been attempting to introduce ten year old male Sclater’s Guenon ‘Obugu Fine’ to young female Sclater ‘Braylee’. Obugu lived with his friend Ben for most of his life, but since Ben’s passing last year Obugu has become very lonely.  To facilitate a gradual introduction, we moved Obugu to a more suitable enclosure with a large attached satellite. Thanks to a donation from a generous private donor, we were able to conduct extensive construction and repair work to prepare the enclosure for the introduction process.

The pair seemed to get on very well when Braylee was placed into the satellite adjacent to Obugu’s enclosure. They were observed grooming one another through the bars and were frequently seen sitting in close proximity. Having observed only affiliative behaviour and no aggression, we eventually decided release Braylee into the main enclosure, under the close supervision of our primate care team. Everything seemed to be going well at first… until suddenly Obugu attacked Braylee! She was quickly separated, and thankfully upon examination her wound was not too deep.

At this point, we were still hoping that an introduction would be successful with more time, and so we returned Braylee to the adjacent satellite.  Once Braylee became more confident however, she rested against the mesh wall near to Obugu and he again tried to attack her through the bars. On this occasion, she was quite shaken up so we made the decision to return her to her old enclosure with her small mona friend Beberto. Sadly, it looks like we will have to find another solution for these two rare monkeys. Braylee will most likely join the larger Sclater’s group and we will continue trying to find a suitable friend to place with Obugu. This process highlights just  how difficult the rehabilitation and socialisation process can be  for these traumatised monkeys who could have  enjoyed a life in the wild in a natural group if humans had not interfered.

If you would like to help support the rehabilitation of our Sclater’s Guenons,please consider adopting Pegasus’s group.


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