Monkey Adoptions available at CERCOPAN


Adopting one of our monkey groups means that you will be providing a happy and fulfilled future to animals that can now forget their tragic pasts. Take Robotta as an example. Living at a petrol station for the first year of her life she did not even know how to be a monkey. She pecked at her food on the ground rather than handling it like a normal monkey would do.  She made jerky mechanical movements with her hands, unsure of what they were for. Brought to us extremely dehydrated and barely able to stand, she had to have round-the-clock care and milk to keep her alive. But in time we were able to introduce her to other youngsters in our quarantine area, and here she was able to observe how to be a monkey, and she soon learned how to use her hands and to play in the branches.

By purchasing an adoption, you donate funds that are used directly to the feed and care of our monkeys in Nigeria. Our packages make a great gift to those you know who love animals and want to make the world a better place for them. An adoption directly links you or the lucky recipient of your gift to one specific group of monkeys for a year. There are three  options to choose from:

  • E-adoption– Ecertificate, CERCOPAN primate screensaver (windows version only at this time) and 2 newsletters per year
  • Gift- adoption – Ecertificate, handmade plush toy (we are sole distributors) of the species you have adopted and 2 newsletters per year
  • Corporate – adoption – Ecertificate for your company, 2 newsletters per year, Logo and link to your company displayed on website with thank you message, recognition in newsletters.

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