Abakum attends 2013 PASA Education Workshop in Cameroon

Education officer Abakum (far left) with fellow PASA workshop delegates

Education Officer Abakum Owai, represented CERCOPAN at the annual Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance (PASA) Education workshop, hosted this year in Yaounde Cameroon.  The workshop, focusing on the theme ‘Human Wildlife Conflict’ drew participants from primate sanctuaries across Africa, in addition to representatives from Disney, PASA and the conservation sector. PASA runs three workshops a year, on Management, Education and Veterinary Healthcare, to promote cooperation, community and mutual respect among its members and raise standards at member sanctuaries to the highest level possible. The objectives of this particular workshop were to provide the necessary tools and knowledge to enable sanctuary education staff to improve education and communication program efficiency, assess and address human wildlife conflict in conservation projects and incorporate mitigation of Human Wildlife Conflict into education programmes.

Abakum giving a talk about community conservation education at PASA workshop

In addition to the many talks, group discussions and presentations given during the workshop, participants were able to present the results of the previous years education programme at their sanctuaries. Abakum’s presentation went very well and he greatly appreciated the opportunity to discuss his ideas and progress with his peers. The highlight of the trip for Abakum however, was a visit to the Mefou wildilife sanctuary, a project managed by Ape Action Africa, where he saw a gorilla for the very first time!

Abakum returned to CERCOPAN with many new ideas and the key skills and knowledge needed to work with communities to resolve human wildlife conflict. He would like to personally thank PASA for giving him he opportunity to attend the workshop and for their great efforts towards primate conservation.

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One Response to “Abakum attends 2013 PASA Education Workshop in Cameroon”
  1. Jennifer Snell says:

    I remember when he first started working for us in Rhoko. Way to go Abakum Phil and I are so proud of you and all the staff at CERCOPAN! You continue to show that with determination and passion and perseverance we can make a difference in this world!!