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Baby Red Capped Mangabey CERCOPAN Calabar

CERCOPAN Calabar HQ is currently home to 112 monkeys of 6 species in various stages of rehabilitation, most of which were orphaned by the bushmeat trade.  Due to the large number of animals in our care and the limited funds available to construct additional enclosures, our quarantine area has now virtually reached capacity and we are being forced to consider turning animals away.

Turning animals away would be devastating  to both our education program and to State government wildlife law enforcement efforts, given that there would be nowhere to take guenons confiscated or handed over as a direct result of these activities.  For just $6,000 we can build a new enclosure to house a whole group of primates and animals like Ekun (left) could be moved from quarantine into family groups, making space in quarantine to continue rescuing orphans from deplorable conditions.

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