Forest View Rhoko Forest CERCOPAN Nigeria

Help us continue on our mission

As an entirely non-profit making NGO we are utterly reliant upon the generosity and vision of individuals and companies to conduct our essential work in Nigeria. Like many charities around the globe CERCOPAN is currently suffering the impact of the global economic crisis and finding it harder and harder to raise the funds we need more »

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Red Capped Mangabey kept in tiny cage

When giving causes harm – never buy primates!

Quite a significant number of the orphan monkeys in our care are brought  to us from expatriates living  in the Southwest of Nigeria. The launch of our new website is  the perfect times to reiterate a vital message to aid monkeys in the wild: Please, DO NOT PAY FOR A PRIMATE you see for sale. No matter how desperate the conditions, walk away. By purchasing primates, or in fact any wildlife, you only encourage further trade more »

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New CERCOPAN website

New look CERCOPAN website, enewsletter and adoption programme!

CERCOPAN (Centre for Education, Research and Conservation of Primates and Nature) has just relaunched our website at . In addition to the sites entirely different look and feel, we have incorporated a whole range of new features, including our completely re-designed monkey adoption programme, online ecotourism booking facilities, monthly enewsletter sign up, and in-site blog. The new site will more »

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Baby Red Capped Mangabey CERCOPAN Calabar

Help us build a new enclosure

CERCOPAN Calabar HQ is currently home to 112 monkeys of 6 species in various stages of rehabilitation, most of which were orphaned by the bush-meat trade.  Due to the large number of animals in our care and the limited funds available to construct additional enclosures, our quarantine area has now virtually reached capacity and we more »

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