CERCOPAN 2012 Annual Report out now!

CERCOPAN has completed its 2012 Annual Report, which is now available for download on our website. The report is intended to provide our  partners and supporters with an update on our activities, achievements and advances over the past year. Key highlights include:

– Establishing an office base in Owai community

– Iko Esai declare a full ban on any new forest clearing for farms

– Draft land use management plans completed for Agoi and Owai

– Surveillance teams established in Owai and Agoi

– Alternative livelihoods programme expanded in Esai and Agoi and undertaken for the first time in Owai

– Free education tours given to 25,026 visitors

– New primate conservation curriculum developed

– 6 orphan primates rescued

As a non-profit charitable organisation reliant on donations, we consider transparency of the utmost importance. We want to make sure that the generous private donors and organisations who have supported our work know exactly how their vital conservation funds are being spent.  Consequently, the Annual report also contains a detailed statement of financial activities in both Naira and pounds.

Download 2012 Annual Report here

View previous annual reports here

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