Red Capped Mangabey Rehabilitation CERCOPAN, Nigeria

CERCOPAN’s Rhoko Forest site attracts a variety of visitors both national and international. Backpackers and expatriate workers regularly visit our Rhoko site for weekends as part of our eco-tourism programme, while non- resident international tourists stay up to 3 months either for a holiday with a difference or as short term volunteers/interns gaining experience for more »


Volunteer working at CERCOPAN Rhoko camp

Volunteers are vital to CERCOPAN’s growth and development, providing a variety of skills and expertise for minimal cost, which allows us to conserve scarce resources for project development.  We considers ongoing training of local staff vital to the sustainability of the project. Long-term volunteers bring skills related to environmental education, fundraising, veterinary nursing, biology, engineering, more »


Monkey Adoptions available at CERCOPAN

Adopting one of our monkey groups means that you will be providing a happy and fulfilled future to animals that can now forget their tragic pasts. Take Robotta as an example. Living at a petrol station for the first year of her life she did not even know how to be a monkey. She pecked more »


The place with the highest number of primate species on the entire African continent is an ancient rainforest in South-Eastern Nigeria. CERCOPAN strives to conserve this forest and to protect its monkeys because both are highly threatened. For effective results, we provide education and practical options for the local communities so that their dependence on the forests becomes sustainable rather than destructive. While hunting threats remain, we provide sanctuary and individual care for orphan monkeys, progressing through their rehabilitation to reintroduction, in suitable cases, into the forest we protect.

Below: Left: Mona Monkey Mottie on arrival at CERCOPAN, Right: Mottie after three months of care

Mottie the Mona Monkey on arrival at CERCOPAN.jpgMottie the Mona monkey after 3 months rehabilitation at CERCOPAN

CERCOPAN is a UK registered environmental conservation charity and a founding member of the PAN African Sanctuaries alliance (PASA) a US 501 (c) Charitable organisation. We have offices in the UK and Nigeria.



We need your help!

  • Forest View Rhoko Forest CERCOPAN Nigeria

    Help us continue on our mission

    As an entirely non-profit making NGO we are utterly reliant upon the generosity and vision of individuals and companies to conduct our essential work in Nigeria. Like many charities around the globe CERCOPAN is currently suffering the impact of the global economic crisis and finding it harder and harder to raise the funds we need more »

  • Baby Red Capped Mangabey CERCOPAN Calabar

    Help us build a new enclosure

    CERCOPAN Calabar HQ is currently home to 112 monkeys of 6 species in various stages of rehabilitation, most of which were orphaned by the bush-meat trade.  Due to the large number of animals in our care and the limited funds available to construct additional enclosures, our quarantine area has now virtually reached capacity and we more »